Tuesday, 3 February 2015

The 5 Principles of Conducting I-SMAN

            This is the first article about I-Sman. I-Sman stands for International Social Mutual Aids Network. In I-Sman, we gather liked minded people and form a community where this community will help each other by providing financial aids through crowd-funding concepts.

            Every participants in the community will start to provide help by giving a small donation out into the community and in return they will get help in the future. Within this unique concept, everyone will be benefited at a given specific time.

In order for this community to run in harmony, some principles will need to put into practice :

Principle No.1:  
ONLY Donate your free money to community what you can effort to loose, in I-SMAN community all participation is purely volunteer and there is no guarantee. It is not an investment and extremely risky.

Principle No.2:
One participant One I-SMAN account. The website and Back Office are just an arrangement of Numbers and Digits.

Principle No.3:
No multiplication of money, commit when you have real money; I-SMAN has no business grounds and it does not collect any money in order to do any sort of business trade.

Principle No.4:
Continue to build your network, old participants continue to recommit, and the community will go long with your network.

Principle No.5:
Do it with joy.

We hope everyone in this community will follow strictly on these 5 principles.

We believe “Together We Will Make A Difference”.

I-Sman Team


Thursday, 25 December 2014

Transfer 10% Deposit

Step 1: Start Make Donation (10% Deposit) Process
  • Click on the white lightbulb.
  • Click on "I Want to Make This Donation!" 

Step 2: Verify Make Donation (10% Deposit)  Amount
  • Verify that the Make Donation (10% Deposit) amount is correct.
  • Click on "Submit" 

Step 3: Select Perfect Money Account
  • Select Perfect Money Account.
  • Click on "Make Payment" 

Step 4: Payment Order Authorization
  • Key-in your Perfect Money Member ID & Password for authorization of payment.
  • Key-in the Turing Number (Captcha Code)
  • Click on "Preview Payment" 

Step 5: Payment Preview of Order
  • Review your payment order and make sure the amount is correct.
  • Click on "Confirm Payment" 

Step 6: Key-In Codecard code for Verification (Optional)
  • Optional: If your account has codecard verification activated, key-in your codecard code.
  • Click on "Submit" 

Step 7: Completion of Payment
  • Once the payment is completed, click on "Continue"

Step 8: Payment Order Successful!
  • You will be redirected back to your I-Sman account page.
  • Click on "Continue"

Confirmation of Successful Payment Order
  • Once your Made Donation (10% Deposit) is successful, the lightbulb will turn Green.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

How To Make Donation


Step 1: Login into I-Sman

Step 2: Click on Make Donation
  • Click on the brown Make Donation button

Step 3: Key-in Desired Make Donation Amount
  • Key-in your desired Make Donation Amount in USD
  • Click Go
  • Verify your desired Make Donation amount and click Submit

Step 4: Request Make Donation Verification Code from SDO
  • Contact your SDO ( isman110 @ +6016-5232523 ) to receive your Make Donation verification code
  • Key-in your Make Donation verification code received from your SDO
  • Click Verify
  • You will see a message stating that your Make Donation was successful

Step 5: Review / Cancel Make Donation Request
  • You will see a small brown box on the right stating your Make Donation request
  • You can Cancel your Make Donation request within the first 2 hours of making the request
  • After the 2 hours has passed, you will be assigned a participant for you to send your Donation to

Step 6: Arrival of Make Donation Order
  • Once your Make Donation order arrives, you will see a long brown box on the left
  • You will now have to transfer the order amount stated within the time frame specified
  • If Payment is made:
    • Within 24 Hours - You will receive 10% Speed Bonus for your effort!
    • After 24 Hours - You will NOT receive any speed bonus
    • After 48 Hours - Your account will be blocked for Non-Performance!

Step 7: View Details of Make Donation Order
  • Click on View Details to view the order details
  • A pop-up window will appear containing:
    • The Order Number (Order: M12345678)
    • Recipient Account Details
    • Recipient & Recipient SDO's Name & Contact Details
  • Do note the recipients account details for transfer of payment later

Step 8: Agree to Make Donation
  • When you are ready to Make Donation and transfer the payment, click on the LightBulb on the left
  • You will see 3 options. Click on "I Agree to Make This Donation!"
  • A pop-up box will appear
  • Click on "I Am Ready To Make Donation!"

Step 9: Send Payment From Perfect Money Account
  • Login to your Perfect Money Account
  • Under My Accounts, click on your Perfect Money USD Account as shown below
  • Click on Send Money
  • Key-in recipient and payment details as shown below: 
    • Amount in USD
    • Recipient Perfect Money Account Number 
    • Make Donation Order Number
  • Preview and verify the payment details that you are about to send to the recipient
  • Click on Send Money

Step 10: Take Screenshot Of Payment Completion
  • Please take a Screenshot / Print Screen of the successful payment completion as shown below and Save it

Step 11: Completed Make Donation
  • Within your I-Sman account, click on the LightBulb on the left
  • You will see 2 options. Click on "I Have Made This Donation!"
  • A pop-up box will appear
  • Key in your Perfect Money Transaction Batch # which is available in your successful payment completion screenshot
  • Click Upload Receipt and upload your screenshot of the successful payment completion
  • Once the screenshot has been uploaded, you will see the LightBulb on the left turn half green like shown below
  • Make sure you see an image icon on the right to ensure that your screenshot has been successfully uploaded
  • You will now be able to see the time taken to accomplish the Make Donation order
  • The balance Make Donation amount will also be stated

Step 12: Payment Confirmation By Recipient
  • Once the payment has been confirmed by the recipient, the LightBulb on the left will fully become green
  • You will also be able to see the time taken by the recipient to confirm the Make Donation order

Your Make Donation has been completed !
Note: Always check your I-Sman account at least once a day to make sure you do not miss any Make Donation orders.

Monday, 24 November 2014

I-Sman Registration

Step 1: Select Registration Country
  • Go to www.i-sman.com and select your Country of Residence for registration.

Step 2: Fill Up Registration Details
  • Fill in your personal details as shown below
  • Remember to fill up isman110 as the SDO ID
  • Select "Yes"
  • Click Sign Up to proceed

Step 3: E-Mail Address Verification
  • Log into your Gmail account and click on the verification link to verify your Gmail E-Mail Address.

Step 4: Registration Verification by SDO
  • Contact your SDO ( isman110 @ +6016-5232523 ) to receive your account verification code
  • Key-in the verification code to verify your I-Sman account

Step 5: Login into I-Sman
  • Click on the Lock symbol to access your Virtual Cabinet
  • Key-in your Username & Password
  • Click Login

Step 6: Referral ID Submission
  • Key-in your Referral ID, in this case isman110 if you do not have a direct referrer
  • Click Go
  • Verify that the Referral ID you just keyed-in is correct and then click Submit

Step 7: Mobile Number Submission
  • Key-in your Mobile Number
  • Please be careful not to key in your Country Code prefix which is displayed in grey color
  • Only key-in the number of your Mobile that is after your Country Code prefix as stated below

Step 8: Mobile Number Verification
  • An SMS will arrive on your Mobile phone shortly
  • Do key-in the Verification Code that you receive
  • Click Verify

Your I-Sman account has been created.
You are now One-Step closer to realizing your Financial Dreams!

Perfect Money Registration

Step 1: Visit Perfect Money Registration Page

Step 2: Fill Up Registration Details
  • Fill in your registration details as shown below
  • Do tick the I Agree checkbox
  • Click Register

Step 3: Note Down Perfect Money Member ID In Welcome Email
  • Check you E-Mail account for Perfect Money's Welcome E-mail as shown below
  • Do note down your Perfect Money Member ID (Very Important! As you will require this Member ID to log into your Perfect Money account)

Step 4: Log into Perfect Money

Step 5: Note Down Perfect Money USD Account Number
  • Once logged-in, under My Accounts, you should see your Perfect Money USD Account Number (Ex: UXXXXXXX)
  • Note down your Perfect Money USD Account Number to be used for your future Make Donation & Take Donation within www.i-sman.com

Step 6: Account Verification Page
  • Click on Settings as shown below
  • Scroll down the page. Under Account Verification, click on Verification Management

Step 6: Upload Documents For Account Verification
  • There are 3 verification steps that needs to be completed in order for your account to be verified as shown below
    • Name Validation
    • Address Validation
    • Phone Validation
  • You will now have to prepare the necessary documents to verify your Perfect Money account in order to be eligible to receive super low transaction fees (0.5% per transaction for verified accounts compared to 2% for non-verified accounts)
  • Once your account is verified, it will appear as Verified

Your Perfect Money account has been created and verified.
You are now ready to perform your Make Donation & Take Donation within 

Saturday, 8 November 2014

I-Sman Guide Book

gGuide Bookh
International Social Mutual Aid Network

Guide 1: Registration Process
It is Mandatory to provide SDO ID while registering a new participant in system. Registration process is not SDO dependent, its open for all.
*This will save time of SDO to register new people in system.

Guide 2: Email ID Verification
After Registration You Need to Verify Your Email Id by clicking on the link provided in your email.

Guide 3: SDO Code Verification
After Verification of Email ID, you need to enter a numeric code sent to your SDO via SMS and on his panel.
*SDO is also allowed to approve the registration from his panel if he/she is online at that moment.

Guide 4: Sponsor ID
After SDO code verification process, Login Credentials will be mailed to your email id.
Now You Need to enter Sponsor ID.

Guide 5: Mobile Number Verification
After Sponsor ID you need to verify your Mobile Number via SMS code.

Guide 6: Make Donation
Minimum : 20 $
Maximum : 3000 $
Multiples : 10$
*More than one Make Donation is not possible until and unless last one is not processed. 
**Minimum First Make Donation for Every SDO will be 200$.

Guide 7: Make Donation Approval Code
Make Donation is only allowed after Approval Code from SDO.
Your SDO will receive code both via SMS and on his panel.

Guide 8: Insured Deposit
50% of your Make Donation will be shifted to Insured Deposit Section.
Example: You have done Make Donation of 1000 $.
Then 500 $ will be accepted as current Make Donation and Rest 50% amount i.e. 500 $ will be Reserved for future Make Donation on auto basis by the System.
*Insured Deposit amount will not earn any percentage of growth until it is placed on the home page and made ready for new transactions to take place.

Guide 9: Cancel Make Donation
Cancel Make Donation will be allowed for only 2 Hrs.

Guide 10: 10% Automatic Orders Filter
After 2 Hours automatically One order of 10% of Your Make Donation will be created which will have default time of 24 Hrs.
*This 10% amount will make sure that participant is genuine and is a real donor !

Guide 11: Default Time 24 Hrs and Auto Time Extension
By default : Time for every order will be 24 Hrs and if donor/sender clicks
I Agree to Make This Donation” button then automatically 24 hrs time extension will be provided.
*Receiver can extend time in Hours of his choice ranging from 1 Hr – 24 Hrs in one go.

Guide 12: No Desire to Make Donation
If Donor has no desire to make donation then he/she can cancel the order by clicking on button “No Desire to Make Donation”.
*On this action order will be cancelled and donor will be blocked and if it was very first order then Make Donation will also be deleted.

Guide 13: Receiver’s Communication for Bank Confirmation
It is mandatory for Receiver to communicate with donor in system’s messenger box to ensure his correct bank details.
If receiver fails to respond in message box within first 20 Hrs then Donor will get a new option named “Bank Details Not Confirmed” to cancel that particular order.
*On this action order will be cancelled and receiver will be blocked. Donor will receive new order! **As soon as receiver replies in the messenger then this new option will not be visible to donor.

Guide 14: Fake Receipt Module
If Donor has attached fake receipt then Recipient can click on “Fake Slipbutton, clicking on which order will be refreshed back to its original time left.
Also Information regarding this will be automatically sent to Administration via feedback.
After this action recipient will not have any option to confirm the order until and unless donor uploads the original slip/receipt again in the order.
This process will continue unlimited number of times until original time remains in the system. (Max: 48 Hrs default time)
*If this option is misused by receiver then admin may block the receiver permanently.
**Also Fake Slip action will cancel the eligibility of Speed bonus to donor for that particular order.

Guide 15: Speed Bonus for Donor
If Donor Makes Donation (Uploads Slip) within 24 Hrs* then he/she will earn 10% Speed Bonus of the amount of that particular order.
*Time starts as soon as order is displayed.
** On uploading fake slip, Donor’s Speed Bonus earning for that particular order will be cancelled.

Guide 16: Speed Bonus for Receiver
If Receiver confirms the donation within 24 Hrs* then he/she will earn 5% Speed Bonus of the amount of that particular order.
*Time starts as soon as slip is attached.

Guide 17: System Development Officer Eligibility
To become SDO [System Development Officer] :
1.You must be active donor, means must have paid your own very first order of 10%.
2.You must have at least 10 direct Sponsors.
3.These 10 Direct Sponsors should be active Donors means they should have paid their first orders of 10% each.
4.You Must Have Proper Knowledge About the working and concept of I-Sman.
5.You Must Have a Verified Perfect Money Account.
6.Then Automatically You Will See A New Option On Your Dashboard Panel to Get Promoted as SDO in System.

Guide 18: Take Donation For Participants
: $10

: $1800
(weekly basis)*
: $5

Note: More than One Take Donation is not possible until and unless last one is not processed.
*Weekly Basis Fixed Amount can be changed anytime by administration on mutual consent.

Guide 19: Take Donation For SDO
Simple SDO
: 2000$
1 Star SDO
: 2500$
2 Star SDO
: 3000$
3 Star SDO
: 3500$
4 Star SDO
: 4000$
5 Star SDO
: 5000$
6 Star SDO
: 7000$
7 Star SDO
: 10000$
* All Above is on Weekly Basis

Guide 20: SDO Ranking
2 Star SDO : 50 ACTIVE MEMBERS + 2 Direct 1 Star SDO
3 Star SDO : 3 Direct 2 Star SDO
4 Star SDO : 4 Direct 3 Star SDO
5 Star SDO : 5 Direct 4 Star SDO
6 Star SDO : 6 Direct 5 Star SDO
7 Star SDO : 7 Direct 6 Star SDO

Guide 21: SDO Verification
It is mandatory for SDO to provide his Identification Details like Passport Number and Proof Copy or Only Pan Card Number in-case of an INDIAN Resident.
Take Donation will be prohibited until and unless approval of verification is given from Administration! Approval May Take 24 Hrs.
*One Passport Number / Pan Card Number can be used only Once.

Guide 22: Growth Percentage
Daily Growth is fixed at 0.70% i.e. 21.00% Monthly basis. Growth is compounded on monthly basis and is credited till 90 days or 3 Months only.
Note: Growth can be withdrawn once confirmed & after first 15 days of commitment.

Guide 23: Automatic Make Donation for SDO (Re-Commitment)
Every Month in First week Automatic Make Donations will be implemented in subject to 15% of last month withdrawals of SDO. These Make Donations will not be allowed to cancel.

Guide 24: Referral Bonus
Referral bonus will be 10% of Make Donation done by your direct referral.

Guide 25: SDO Bonus
SDO will enjoy level bonus :

Level 1
: 5%
Level 2
: 3%
Level 3
: 1%
Level 4
: 0.5%
Level 5
: 0.25%
Level 6
: 0.10%

à: 0.10% till Unlimited Depth

Guide Book Updated: 30th October 2014

Monday, 29 September 2014

Introduction to International Social Mutual Aid Network (I-Sman)

I-Sman - Together We Will Make A Difference!

International Social Mutual Aid Network (I-Sman) refers to a mutual understanding between the like-minded people of various societies around the globe who participate in this system to give themselves and their families a Financial Freedom which everybody expects in this expensive world of inflation.

What is Mutual Aid Society?
benefit society or mutual aid society is an organizational, or voluntary association formed to provide mutual aid, benefit, or insurance for relief from sundry difficulties. Such organizations may be formally organized with charters and established customs, or may arise ad hoc to meet unique needs of a particular time and place.
Source: Wikipedia

Why I-Sman?
  • I-Sman is a place for people where they can share their resources among themselves and grow up as a community together, yet living in different continents of the world.
  • I-Sman is an attempt to rectify the resource of abundance and lack, hence offering a way to re-allocate the resources on the basis of mutual understanding.
  • I-Sman is Common Man's Fight Against Unfair Global Economy System

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about I-Sman

Ques 1: Who Owns i-Sman?
Ans: I-Sman does not have any owner or boss, only a dedicated team of administration works 24x7 for the system’s development on the path of honesty and success.

Ques 2: If i-Sman has no Owner then whom does it belong to?
Ans: i-Sman fully belongs to you. i-Sman is a Social Mutual Aid Crowd funding system which is By the people, Of the people and For the people.

Ques 3: How Does i-Sman Works?
Ans: Working of i-Sman is not any rocket science it’s a simple system where people come to provide mutual aid or help to each other. System only finds the person for you who is ready to assist you or help you.

Ques 4: How Does i-Sman Gives Financial Freedom?
Ans: i-Sman does not give you any kind of financial freedom but i-Sman only guides you to move on the right path. Financial Freedom is just created by Unity of all Participants who participate in the system genuinely and honestly.

Ques 5: Then How will I get Financial Freedom?
Ans: First of All let us understand the meaning of Financial Freedom. Financial Freedom is nothing else but a freedom from the slavery of rulers. These Rulers have restricted a common man from the free resources of the world gifted to us by the Almighty God. On our planet earth for every human being there are plenty of resources present on which some People have made their own fencing. They restrict us to use these resources for free. In old golden days there was barter system which was itself a Financial Freedom. You could give and take your necessity easily. i-Sman only helps you to exchange your necessity with others on a relevant time which itself serves as a financial freedom.

Ques 6: Is i-Sman Company or an Organization?
Ans: We cannot call Social Mutual Aid Network i-Sman is an organisation or a company. It’s a community or social unit of only like-minded people. The main source of information is only the official website www.i-sman.com

Ques 7: Is it Legal and safe to work in i-Sman?
Ans: In terms of legislation, i-Sman is a combination of letters and numbers. i-Sman is an idea, a concept, and nothing more. There are no offices, no sales centres, no cash payments etc. It’s just an idea which is outcome of common man only. Based on this idea, People without any conditions, are ready to help each other and support the development of this idea, which will spread vision into the masses. The whole idea is based on trust of i-Sman participants which they have for each other and their mutual assistance. Hence it is safe untill and unless you believe in the concept of mutual understanding.

Ques 8: From where i-Sman is running?
Ans: I-Sman is just a thought of a common man nothing else. It’s running from the Planet Earth only. Privacy has been kept reserved to safeguard your own interest because some authorities never wish that common man should enjoy his own financial freedom. Everything is based on mutual trust here.

Ques 9: Does i-Sman Gives any Warranty or Guarantee?
Ans: There is no such financial warranty or guarantee in i-Sman, It is like a drawer in which people place money and then take it out again when they are in need. For example, you put in 100$ and want to take out 120$ – No problem – you can. It is enough to have some regular money in it (everyday people put in more and more money). It would be a problem, only in the case of all money being taken out at once. But in real practise, such a situation would not occur. The Reality of this happening you can observe in your banks where this situation never occurs.

Ques 10: Is it a Pyramid Scheme?
Ans: If You understand a Point that all Financial Organizations like banks, insurance companies are working on pyramid structure module then Yes this is also a same like pyramid structure !!! Mind it: You are always at risk here !

Ques 11: Is there any center point of collection of funds in i-Sman?
Ans: No, there is no center point of collection of any funds in i-Sman, all funds are with participants only. i-Sman does not collect any funds from you.

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