Make Donation

Step 1: Login into I-Sman

Step 2: Click on Make Donation
  • Click on the brown Make Donation button

Step 3: Key-in Desired Make Donation Amount
  • Key-in your desired Make Donation Amount in USD
  • Click Go
  • Verify your desired Make Donation amount and click Submit

Step 4: Request Make Donation Verification Code from SDO
  • Contact your SDO ( isman110 @ +6016-5232523 ) to receive your Make Donation verification code
  • Key-in your Make Donation verification code received from your SDO
  • Click Verify
  • You will see a message stating that your Make Donation was successful

Step 5: Review / Cancel Make Donation Request
  • You will see a small brown box on the right stating your Make Donation request
  • You can Cancel your Make Donation request within the first 2 hours of making the request
  • After the 2 hours has passed, you will be assigned a participant for you to send your Donation to

Step 6: Arrival of Make Donation Order
  • Once your Make Donation order arrives, you will see a long brown box on the left
  • You will now have to transfer the order amount stated within the time frame specified
  • If Payment is made:
    • Within 24 Hours - You will receive 10% Speed Bonus for your effort!
    • After 24 Hours - You will NOT receive any speed bonus
    • After 48 Hours - Your account will be blocked for Non-Performance!

Step 7: View Details of Make Donation Order
  • Click on View Details to view the order details
  • A pop-up window will appear containing:
    • The Order Number (Order: M12345678)
    • Recipient Account Details
    • Recipient & Recipient SDO's Name & Contact Details
  • Do note the recipients account details for transfer of payment later

Step 8: Agree to Make Donation
  • When you are ready to Make Donation and transfer the payment, click on the LightBulb on the left
  • You will see 3 options. Click on "I Agree to Make This Donation!"
  • A pop-up box will appear
  • Click on "I Am Ready To Make Donation!"

Step 9: Send Payment From Perfect Money Account
  • Login to your Perfect Money Account
  • Under My Accounts, click on your Perfect Money USD Account as shown below
  • Click on Send Money
  • Key-in recipient and payment details as shown below: 
    • Amount in USD
    • Recipient Perfect Money Account Number 
    • Make Donation Order Number
  • Preview and verify the payment details that you are about to send to the recipient
  • Click on Send Money

Step 10: Take Screenshot Of Payment Completion
  • Please take a Screenshot / Print Screen of the successful payment completion as shown below and Save it

Step 11: Completed Make Donation
  • Within your I-Sman account, click on the LightBulb on the left
  • You will see 2 options. Click on "I Have Made This Donation!"
  • A pop-up box will appear
  • Key in your Perfect Money Transaction Batch # which is available in your successful payment completion screenshot
  • Click Upload Receipt and upload your screenshot of the successful payment completion
  • Once the screenshot has been uploaded, you will see the LightBulb on the left turn half green like shown below
  • Make sure you see an image icon on the right to ensure that your screenshot has been successfully uploaded
  • You will now be able to see the time taken to accomplish the Make Donation order
  • The balance Make Donation amount will also be stated

Step 12: Payment Confirmation By Recipient
  • Once the payment has been confirmed by the recipient, the LightBulb on the left will fully become green
  • You will also be able to see the time taken by the recipient to confirm the Make Donation order

Your Make Donation has been completed !
Note: Always check your I-Sman account at least once a day to make sure you do not miss any Make Donation orders.

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