Monday, 24 November 2014

I-Sman Registration

Step 1: Select Registration Country
  • Go to and select your Country of Residence for registration.

Step 2: Fill Up Registration Details
  • Fill in your personal details as shown below
  • Remember to fill up isman110 as the SDO ID
  • Select "Yes"
  • Click Sign Up to proceed

Step 3: E-Mail Address Verification
  • Log into your Gmail account and click on the verification link to verify your Gmail E-Mail Address.

Step 4: Registration Verification by SDO
  • Contact your SDO ( isman110 @ +6016-5232523 ) to receive your account verification code
  • Key-in the verification code to verify your I-Sman account

Step 5: Login into I-Sman
  • Click on the Lock symbol to access your Virtual Cabinet
  • Key-in your Username & Password
  • Click Login

Step 6: Referral ID Submission
  • Key-in your Referral ID, in this case isman110 if you do not have a direct referrer
  • Click Go
  • Verify that the Referral ID you just keyed-in is correct and then click Submit

Step 7: Mobile Number Submission
  • Key-in your Mobile Number
  • Please be careful not to key in your Country Code prefix which is displayed in grey color
  • Only key-in the number of your Mobile that is after your Country Code prefix as stated below

Step 8: Mobile Number Verification
  • An SMS will arrive on your Mobile phone shortly
  • Do key-in the Verification Code that you receive
  • Click Verify

Your I-Sman account has been created.
You are now One-Step closer to realizing your Financial Dreams!

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