Take Donation

Step 1: Start Take Donation Process
  • Login into your I-Sman account.
  • Click on the orange Take Donation button. 

 Step 2: Start Take Donation Process
  • Key-in the amount that you would like to Take Donation.
  • Minimum Take Donation amount is $10 and in multiples of $5 (Eg: $10, $15, $20 ...)
  • Key-in your Transaction Password (Transaction Password is the same as your Login Password)

View Donor's Details
  • Click on View Details
  • The Donor & Donor's SDO contact details will be shown as per below
  • Please do not hesitate to contact the Donor or the Donor's SDO should you require to do so

 Provide Time Extension to Donor
  • If you require, you can provide the Donor with an extension of time for the Donor to complete their Donation
  • Click on the lightbulb
  • Choose "Give Time Extension In Hours!"
  • Key-in the amount of hours you would like to extend the time
  • Click Extend Time

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