Monday, 24 November 2014

Perfect Money Registration

Step 1: Visit Perfect Money Registration Page

Step 2: Fill Up Registration Details
  • Fill in your registration details as shown below
  • Do tick the I Agree checkbox
  • Click Register

Step 3: Note Down Perfect Money Member ID In Welcome Email
  • Check you E-Mail account for Perfect Money's Welcome E-mail as shown below
  • Do note down your Perfect Money Member ID (Very Important! As you will require this Member ID to log into your Perfect Money account)

Step 4: Log into Perfect Money

Step 5: Note Down Perfect Money USD Account Number
  • Once logged-in, under My Accounts, you should see your Perfect Money USD Account Number (Ex: UXXXXXXX)
  • Note down your Perfect Money USD Account Number to be used for your future Make Donation & Take Donation within

Step 6: Account Verification Page
  • Click on Settings as shown below
  • Scroll down the page. Under Account Verification, click on Verification Management

Step 6: Upload Documents For Account Verification
  • There are 3 verification steps that needs to be completed in order for your account to be verified as shown below
    • Name Validation
    • Address Validation
    • Phone Validation
  • You will now have to prepare the necessary documents to verify your Perfect Money account in order to be eligible to receive super low transaction fees (0.5% per transaction for verified accounts compared to 2% for non-verified accounts)
  • Once your account is verified, it will appear as Verified

Your Perfect Money account has been created and verified.
You are now ready to perform your Make Donation & Take Donation within 


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